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Cargo makes tools to design and build unique websites.

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Tools to Publish Content

Cargo Collective offers a set of professional web publishing tools to service the design and creative communities:

Our new site builder of almost unlimited capacity, power and functionality, designed to handle any type of project. Typical uses: portfolio sites, digital magazines, design agencies, startups, bands.

A smaller site builder, still very powerful but aimed at projects of a more modest scope. Typical uses: personal profiles, landing pages, flyers, release pages for albums, books or movies.

Coming soon, Observatory is an image streaming platform as well as an image management tool. It can be used for image banks, blogs, books/zines, visual archives.

This week on Cargo

CN/031 — Feb 20 2018

Gelatinous pipes pumping all manner of liquid

Staff Pick: The subject matter of the work on Peter Welz’s site is Modernism — the 20th Century movement often described with words like “brutal” or “cold” or “inhuman”. But after clicking around, our view of Modernism is forever altered. Welz, through quiet and plain presentation, reveals works by Mies van der Rohe, Adalberto Libera, Michelangelo Antonioni, to be sensual and primordial — what could be more poignantly human than a stone wall baking in the sun resisting wind with an unconcerned horizon in the distance?

Cargo Editions Nº2

Robert Beatty

Cargo is pleased to announce our second Edition featuring work by Robert Beatty. These Editions and others will be available soon. 

Also, this Thursday February 22, signing and print sale with Robert Beatty + live performance by Peaking Lights w/ special guest John Early. Invite below. All welcome.


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What a weird, soft machine — this thing is — these sapiens — who look out from watery orbs — thinking who knows what — full of gelatinous pipes pumping all manner of liquid, with stringy neurons activating crazy pattern recognitions, and the whole wondrous grizzle wrapped around woody sticks —held together by intergalactic forces … bizarre … sapiens.

Images: August Sander and Richard Avedon

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